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Expand your Spirit, Parachutes not Allowed


Recently, I went to the Grand Canyon.

It was a retreat, an intentional rebirth. I went there to learn my values, to learn to set new boundaries, to transition from anger to forgiveness, to create new goals, and ultimately discover my purpose. The trip helped me remember the magic/essence of life, reassuring me that it’s okay to dream, okay to play, and to be specific too… but mostly to love. Starting first to love within and then as I realize it’s okay, to share that with others, and then the universe.

I started the journey with a kind of nervousness. Ultimately for me, in the beginning, was anticipating a return to the source or a maybe just allowing oneself to, allowing myself to feel present, while at the same time embracing the infinite unknown.

Part of that unknown parallels the unknown of “Can I achieve the result? Will I achieve my intention? Can I do this?” By accepting my fears and making myself vulnerable to the possibilities, a transformation takes place. That’s the magic. Expand your spirit, find your castle, envision the grandiose.

I left the retreat feeling proud, confident, adaptable, protective, and kind. A lion. I left knowing that at the foundation of my being there is a need to expand my spirit, learn my story, to know my intent.

Returning to the shop, I have poured that spirit into each new project, fully investing myself into the work, remaining grateful that it not only keeps pouring in, but that my clients share my values.



IMG_5716To learn more about the retreat or to go on one yourself, click here:


Custom, Custom, Custom

Feels good to be back in full swing post injury. Custom, custom, custom. We can build anything. Finding the flow in the process and the reward in providing for others. Grateful. Thank you all for you patience. Let’s get to work.


Stamm Media is a wonderful client. Great to work with these guys and know that this interactive exhibit is traveling around the world.

Heavy Metal

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 10.44.58 AMStarted off this week by seeing Slayer with Luke.

The metal love continues today with some custom railings. Over a thousand pieces. Sometimes it’s gotta hurt a little. The guys at the steel yard call me Santa.

It’s All Happening at the Zoo

Recently, I took Quinn to the Milwaukee zoo and I have to admit, it was kind of cool to tell him about how the exhibit started in my studio.

Project: Munchkin Dairy Farm

Client: Milwaukee Zoological Society 

I Got Wood

Delivery Day.

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