Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 1.27.15 PMI am a New Jersey born artist, living and working in Milwaukee,Wisconsin. I provide innovative solutions for experiential marketing, trade shows, exhibits, sculpture, and design through my company, StudioWorks of Milwaukee. This blog is a look at life behind the scenes, my personal work and influences, as well as a showcase of my finished products.

I grew up spending 90% of my day outdoors with a group of childhood friends that forever shaped me. To this day, those years spent hanging out in the woods are nostalgically looked back upon as the best years of my life. Perhaps it’s all those years of creating tree forts and secret hiding places that gave me the ability to see in 3D or maybe it was growing up in a family of men that worked with their hands, fixing cars or building structures. I have been creating art for as long as I remember and know that in many ways, art has saved me. I know that one of the things that makes me unique to my profession is that I have the heart of an artist and approach commercial solutions in a unique way. I love the creative process and being able to offer solutions to others.