I met my wife at School of Visual Arts in New York City in 1989:

Together, we have four kids.

Our oldest is headed for college and the youngest, just four. Having three teenagers and also “starting all over again” has definitely been a challenge, but all worth it. I identify with clients who put family first and have gone through a lot in the last few years to understand that as my own priority.

Our bookend sons were both preemies, Quinn, merely a pound. For our whole family, he has changed our outlook about most things. I look at this his footprint every once in awhile, just to remind myself of life’s fragility.


The transition to Wisconsin hasn’t always been easy. I am all Jersey and sometimes it’s so grey here and I miss the ocean. Love to my roots:

Mizer KIDS
Nan with me, Keith, Sharon, and Jay
Me and Keith and my life long love of GSP’s.
Keith and me with Mom at my wedding.