kidsAs a small business owner, the word weekend doesn’t really apply. This morning I woke with concerns of to do lists and then I started to daydream. Star Wars has been on TV all week (fav) so I feel like a kid again. I was there when all this started. Then I look around coming back to reality and remember my lists …..I am not a kid.

On the couch the other night, my daughter (a high school junior) softly said, while not looking at me, “I don’t wanna get old.” I replied, “You mean like Grandpa?” She said, “No, like you.” Instantly, I remembered myself as a teen saying, “Yeah, I’ll probably die at 25,” as I exhaled some smoke from a Marlboro Red. I was young and cool, so I understood her feelings. That was our only conversation that day. Father and daughter quality time.

Back to my lists. Still downstairs, coffee in hand, thoughts swimming. Soon I heard smaller footsteps upstairs. Quinn, 6, was waking up. Quinn waking is the sign that the sleeping is done for the house. I know my quiet time is coming to an end. Smaller foot steps walk to the bathroom. Door slams. Buddha, his stuffed animal best buddy, in hand.

Living in a small houses (a family of 6) the boys outnumber the girls (at least the dog died). The house is small enough and with one bathroom everyone usually knows who is in there and what they are doing. Now that I am old, I have to say I have never heard such powerful streams from the boys before in my life! I swear it’s like being on a farm, all unique, like a signature or a voice. The pee is strong in this young one (I won’t name names, but someone in the house could take the paint off a car).

Soon after Quinn started peeing, he, out loud and simultaneously started to sing, “Ohhh-oh say can u see by the dawns early light.” Yes he was singing the national anthem. He just learned this in school and is very proud he has it memorized…almost. There is a part where he does sing a long, “yeaaahhh waaayyyy.” I actually did the same for years. Kelly eventually corrected me, but old habits never die. Hearing his small voice, while peeing, I bust into a deep laughter. I love this kid. He has taught me to play again. My laugh is so loud that I am sure the neighbors heard (a far cry from the regular yelling and screaming). This isn’t a post about patriotism. It is about innocence and the uninhibited creativity of the house. We are a family of artists, designers, actors, musicians, and athletes too. In other words, a crazy house. We are a tornado. Having PTSD and mood disorder, it can be challenging for me. I contribute to the tornado too. I am now proud myself singing ” Ohhhh say can you seeee….” But I am not peeing. But have long since crossed back over from the dark side. A good friend once shared with me, “Don’t worry about the Jones’s. Be the Jones’s. That we are. Finally.