July 2015

The Boy Within the Dragon

During a painting I go to a place that’s kinda dark.
Fear, pain, anger, and rage reside there.
Good or bad, it was a place one learns, necessary to survive.
A boy within the Dragon.
The problem is,regardless of predisposition it has become habitual and a learned reaction.
Maybe fight or flight,
Maybe addictive,
Maybe safe,
but also no longer necessary.
Unlearning is difficult without deciphering. Remapping.
I’m very good at surviving,
May be The Best,
but it comes with a growl.
While painting I must face it, go through it, and leave it lying there on the floor.
I don’t like be vulnerable ….
But I am trying.

Art About Life, Not Life About Art

My art has never been fragile. We have had a lot of fires. I think art/painting and such is about process, not a destination. I don’t think it should be on a pedestal. One may learn, discover, release, and grow. The beauty is in the process not product. It’s something to get you there. If you take a long trip and drive to get somewhere, when you arrive you don’t turn around and say “nice car”. Art is about life, not life about art. If you haven’t lived, you might as well not paint. Really, I hate talking about art and the intellectual/ego that seems to go with that because painting is a silent or loud interaction with oneself. Afterwards, take it for what it is, or leave it. It’s of no consequence.


Insurance finally approved my robot arm. Bring on the pain. #progress Thanks Maggie Gasser, Barbara Haines, and Dr. Grindel.  



Stamm Media is a wonderful client. Great to work with these guys and know that this interactive exhibit is traveling around the world.

Heavy Metal

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 10.44.58 AMStarted off this week by seeing Slayer with Luke.

The metal love continues today with some custom railings. Over a thousand pieces. Sometimes it’s gotta hurt a little. The guys at the steel yard call me Santa.

Tree of Life

As owners and entrepreneurs, we all want that next big job, but there is nothing better than collaborating with other artists. Happy to work with Matt Gramling this time, building the steel frame for his Tree of Life.


It’s All Happening at the Zoo

Recently, I took Quinn to the Milwaukee zoo and I have to admit, it was kind of cool to tell him about how the exhibit started in my studio.

Project: Munchkin Dairy Farm

Client: Milwaukee Zoological Society 

I Got Wood

Delivery Day.

A Return to Painting

After my bike accident last winter, I found myself returning to painting. It’s something I have put off for some time now, but it was a necessary return.

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